Design, Build and Assessment support for Sustainable Constructions



BREEAM Assessments support

General consultancy for assessors, investors, architects, MEP engineers, project managers or contractors.

BREEAM submitting preparation

Document management & texts writing

Calculators & reports

Site Inspection Reports, BREEAM calculators

Project tracking

Procedures, Site trackers for monitoring energy, water, transport and waste. Evidence tracking, Reports

BREEAM related studies
Life Cycle Assessment
Materials efficiency strategy
Functional Adaptability BREEAM
Functional adaptability
Adaptation to climate change BREEAM
Adaptation to climate change
Travel plan
Home/ Building User Guide
Indoor Air Quality Plan
Thermal comfort


greengineers offers a wide range of services for sustainable buildings. Working with industry leaders and pioneers, we help them to optimize their costs while making the most out of the available resources. 

Good quality studies, reports writing, information gathering and analyzing are expensive: money, time and energy consuming.

We’re results oriented, fast learners, highly adaptable perfectionists, constantly seeking better ideas, materials and technologies for better buildings: with minimum impact on one’s health, budget and environment.

You can also profit from our work and study experience in the United Kingdom, France, Romania and Italy. The Eastern European creativity, promptness and dedication come as a bonus.

Take a look at our services and successful projects and let’s talk about how you can use greengineers to design, build and assess sustainable constructions.



BREEAM related studies of which a large part already passed BRE's evaluation

550000+ sqm

Assessment support
Services used on 9 already certified projects and 20+ ongoing projects


Partner's satisfaction measured through 100% retention and recurring orders

Added value

Proven track record for responsible and value adding engineering


Successful projects

Selection of finished and ongoing projects where our services were used.
The Scalpel

Offices ~5000 sqm (levels 1,2&3)
The City of London | UK
UK RFO 2015

Tour & Pavillon Aurore

Mixed use ~40000 sqm
La Defence, Paris | FR
Bespoke Int. NC 2016

VOX Technology Park

Offices >25000 sqm
Timisoara | RO
Int. NC 2013
Highest rated building in the country.

Sophia Residences

Residential >45000 sqm
Cluj-Napoca | RO
Int. NC 2013 & 2016
5 buildings: 387 apartments + retail

Cluj Business Center

Offices >27000 sqm
Cluj-Napoca | RO
Int. NC 2013

Riviera Luxury Residence

Residential ~10000 sqm
Cluj-Napoca | RO
Bespoke Int. NC 2013
91 apartments + SPA,

Liberty Technology Park ||

Offices >11000 sqm
Cluj-Napoca | RO
Europe Commercial 2009

Bega Business Center

Offices >21000 sqm
Timisoara | RO
Int. NC 2016

B&B Hotel Lyon center

Hotel >2200 sqm
Lyon | FR
Int. NC 2016 HQ FR

Office ~8000 sqm
Tourcoing | FR
Int. NC 2016

Logistic centers

Industrial ~93000 sqm
Ile de France | FR
Int. NC 2016

Record Park

Mixed Use >37000 sqm
Cluj-Napoca | RO
Int. NC 2016
Residential, Offices, RFO, Bespoke


Why work together?

Up to 4 times cheaper studies & 40% lower hourly costs than the regular UK offers.
Value added
For you & your partners
Personalized services
One stop "shop" for BREEAM Assessments
Time & cost efficiency
Availability, promptness and strict deadlines

Feedback received

"Thanks for this beautiful study! Very complete report!"

CB, Project manager

"It is a pleasure to work with you so I hope we will continue this pleasant partnership."

GJ, BREEAM Assessor

"An exceptionally well written report"

BRE Auditor

"Thank you so much [...]! That was more than I expected."

AS, Sustainability Consultant



Different pricing models to fit your needs
Project based / bundle

Per project

Study based

Per study

Remote partnership

Per hour


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